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February 15, 2017
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WordPress Web Hosting for Lawyers

Web Hosting for Attorneys

DO you have a WordPress site? If YES, then you should make sure you have the best possible webhosting. You want to make sure that your site is secure and fast.  You want to make sure you have great support and when you can get all 3 of those, your in business.

WP Engine is my choice of webhosting and should be yours as well.   Make it easier on yourself and get top of the line web hosting, it just makes sense.

Now they keep getting better and better. Every month its something new, something that adds value to the webhosting package, last month it was a free SSL security certificate, this month its new faster PHP 7. WP Engine announced a new webhosting setup and they say it makes the site load 2-4 times faster, depending on situation but faster.

They already have a number of things in place that make it faster then other web hosting and Ive been more then satisfied with the experience so far and would say the foundation of a GREAT Lawyer WordPress setup is the WP Engine web hosting.

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WP Engine
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