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February 17, 2017
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WordPress Plugins – Duplicate Post/Page

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Have you ever wanted to make a copy of an existing page or post withing your wordpress site?

WordPress allows you to add plugins to expand the functionality of your website and Duplicate Post is a great plugin that allows you to create copies of your pages and posts. This can be very useful for a number of reasons and its just not possible without this plugin.   So download it now here….

DUPLICATE POST – WordPress Plugin for Lawyers

This plugin allows to clone a post or page, or edit it as a new draft.

How it works:

  1. In ‘Edit Posts’/’Edit Pages’, you can click on ‘Clone’ link below the post/page title: this will immediately create a copy and return to the list.

  2. NEW! In ‘Edit Posts’/’Edit Pages’, you can select one or more items, then choose ‘Clone’ in the ‘Bulk Actions’ dropdown to copy them all at once.

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