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SEO Marketing for Attorneys

In 2017, almost every lawyer has at least a website and its probably done in WordPress. Some lawyers have multiple websites, blogs, social accounts and everything else. No matter what you have, it helps if your legal website is optimized for the search engines, so that when someone does a search for your firms geographic location and firm practice area, your site comes up and they visit your site and potentially hire you.

Thats Lawyer organic SEO marketing, when your site is found in the free listings of Google and the other search engines.

Lawyer Search Engine Optimization OR SEO is more important then ever for law firms.  These days when somebody is in need of a lawyer, the first thing they might do is consult the web, usually from their mobile device.  The yellow pages is dead, print ads are not what they used to be and consumers are skipping over TV ads with DVRs. So it is super key that law firms are able to reach clients and customers on the web.


If you use WordPress, your already setup somewhat for SEO but you want to make sure you do a number of other things.

#1- Setup Yoast SEO Plugin. This is the best possible plugin and you can configure it to make your site more SEO Friendly.

#2- Setup unique Titles on each page of your site. Using Yoast, you can set a focus keyword on each page and then include it in your TITLE.

#3- Setup unique Descriptions on each page of your site. Again use Yoast and make sure to include your main focus keyword in your description. You also want to make sure your description reads well because it will be in your seearch engine listing and it should entice a user to want to CLICK On your site.

#4- You want to make sure you interlink your pages.  SO on your personal injury page, you should have a subpage on auto accidents and maybe a blog post on your latest PI verdict. You want to link those pages together and use keywords that people might search for as your anchor text.

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Do you need help with your legal wordpress site? We can assist you with a variety of services related to WordPress. We can create a new Lawyer WordPress site or blog, update an existing wordpress site, fix a wordpress site that has crashed, maintain your site, create legal content for your site and all other things related to wordpress!  This includes WordPress Security, Mobile and SEO.

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