WordPress Security for Law Firms

When will your WordPress lawyer site be hacked?  

No doubt its probably going to get hacked if you don’t take preventive measures and even then its possible your lawyer site will get hacked and compromised.   Sometimes you cant even tell or there will be no real damage done, but other times it can be really serious and your site can just be lost.  Thats when its really key to have a good backup of your site that you can easily restore.

WordPress is an excellent CMS and very popular, yet it seems to be very vulnerable to hackers.  Ive seen more and more lawyer websites that get hacked and have this ugly message from Google…. “This Site is NOT SAFE or This Site May Harm Your Computer”…. Thats the last thing you want a client seeing when they visit your site.

WHY do sites get hacked and infected with Malware?

This is a really good question, and not many people seem to have an answer to this.   It seems like if you ask your web host, they will give you a very generic answer that doesn’t help at all.  Like they will usually blame you and infer that you didn’t set a strong enough password, and thus the hacker got in and did damage.  That’s bullshit!   I mean that’s one possible thing you can do to prevent your site from getting hacked, make sure your passwords are really strong.  Yet if a hacker wants in, they will get in because there are a lot of holes in WORDPRESS. Everyone uses wordpress, raves about it but its constantly getting hacked like on a second by second basis.    Setup a live stream to see people who are trying to hack into your site, you would be amazed.

It seems like even if you setup a lot of different things for security, you still can get your site hacked.  I just setup a new clients legal site, and moved it to a more secure webhost, had security and malware protection setup, YET it still got hacked. Strong passwords were setup, admin account removed, wordpress and plugins all updated and the list goes on.   Yet sometimes they get in and so then the key is being able to recover from the intrusion and get your site cleaned.

—–>  Why You Need WordPress Lawyer Security Services

#1- To protect your legal website from hackers and malware

#2- To make sure your WordPress software and Plugins are updated

#3- To make sure your site is backed up on a regular basis

#4- To be able to RECOVER From Hackers and any Google Site Warnings about your site

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—> Order Malware FIX Service

—> WordPress Security TIPS for Lawyers


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