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A legal mini site is a new web site that has its own domain name, web hosting and is unique from any other sites you have.

Usually it focuses on a specific practice area or a specific geographic location.   So if your a Washington personal injury lawyer, you might create separate sites that focus on either car accidents, truck accidents or motorcycle injuries.  Then you could also create mini sites that focus on the different cities in Washington that you might practice in.


The goal of these sites are to focus on one specific practice area or location and usually a specific group of keywords.   When you have a lot of practice areas and locations, its hard to get ranked well at Google or Yahoo for every possible combination.   Sometimes you might get ranked well for say Personal Injury Lawyer keywords, but not Auto Accident Lawyers or one of the many other combinations that a potential client might type into the search engines.
Also having multiple sites that each have unique content can then help your main sites SEO rankings.  If you build enough mini sites, you can form your own legal network!  Yet you must have unique content and cant just create a duplicate of your main site.  The new site has to be focused on just one area and have unique content. It also can help to have a unique twitter account, facebook account and other social media accounts. Its also a great idea to have a blog as part of the site and actually post new content on a regular basis.


Usually a good idea for the legal mini site is to create a Blog as well, so that your basically creating a legal mini site/blog.  This way you can add content to the site by blogging about the sites specific nature. So if your a Chicago tax lawyer, you would post articles and info related to just tax law.



PRACTICE AREA Specific – This is a mini site done for a securities lawyer who wanted to focus on a specific area of law.
This site has a blog that has the latest posts on the subject matter and content related to just this area of law.
Visit the Lehman Brothers UBS stock legal site.


GEOGRAPHIC Specific – This is a mini site done for a Washington personal injury attorney that focuses on the Bellevue, Washington area.
The site has unique content and success stories related to Bellevue, as well as contact info and a blog for the Bellevue location.
Visit Bellevue Personal Injury Lawyers to view attorney web site.


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