Lawyers Court can help your legal practice setup a BLOG.  A legal blog is a way for your law firm to demonstrate its expertise in a specific area of law by posting comments, articles and news items related to that specific practice area.

** All of the websites and blogs we create are in YOUR LAW FIRMS name and you will own the design and rights to the site.  **

We make sure you have all of the files and that the web hosting and domain name are setup in your law firms name.   We will also help you along the way and answer any questions you have on the creation of your new lawyer blog.

A blog is usually part of your main site or it can also be setup as a separate site that can look like your existing website.  If your going to create a 2nd site for your blog, then it should have its own customized domain name such as Chicago Tax and be sponsored and interlinked with your firm’s main website.


A blog should be updated on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to be most effective. We can assist you with creating content and managing the blog.

A blog can work very well with the search engines because search engines like Google tend to favor sites that have fresh, frequently updated content and links from other similar type sites.

It’s also easier to get links from other sites if you have a blog that has useful information, its a pretty simple formula.

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