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Videos for Lawyers in 2017

Video SEO Marketing for Attorneys

Video Marketing in 2017

Video SEO is probably the least known version of legal Internet Marketing.  Its basically what it sounds like, your video coming up in search results.  Yet its the search results of YouTube, Facebook, Google Video results and other video sites.   Just having a Video is a great thing for SEO in general but if you do additional things like setting up video on YouTube and optimizing the video listing, embedding video on other sites and doing a few other things with video syndication, you can get your video highly ranked, and in certain cases you can get the videos YouTube page to come up in the Google organic listings.


Video is becoming bigger year after year, and with mobile being such a big thing, video goes hand in hand with mobile. Its easy to watch videos on a mobile phone, SO it makes sense that if your a lawyer, you want to get your message out via video.  Why? Because a client wants to SEE you and listen to you talk, so why not create a really good video and show off your expertise and instill confidence in the potential client.   Just that reason alone is enough for a Lawyer to say ok at least put up one video on my site.   Yet the better idea is to create a whole set of videos around the law firms practice.  Having attorneys talk about personal injury, DUI, criminal law, etc can make a huge impact.

Videos are form of Unique Content

Plus videos are just like new fresh unique content. Even if you just create a 20-30 second video, thats a new blog post, and then you can easily type out the content around the video.  Then the video can be put in your blog post, it can be used at Facebook and other social media sites and you can also run a video paid advertising campaign using the video.   One video can make a big difference, so why not create 10 as part of your new Legal SEO Marketing campaign in 2017?


Video Search Marketing for Attorneys

We can help your legal practice with both creating custom videos and also promoting them within the search engines.

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People like videos and no matter what you do, there is a reason to have a video.   If your a divorce lawyer, why not have a simple 20-30 second video where you just introduce yourself. It will give your lawyer site a very personal touch and could make the difference between a new client and someone who just visited your site and left.

Also you can do many things with that one video. You can load it on YouTube and other video sites, you can embed it on your main website, do a blog post with the video. You can do a facebook post and video and many other things, with the goal being that you want people to potentially visit your site and utilize your legal services.

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