SEO Marketing for Lawyers in 2017

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SEO Marketing for Lawyers in 2017

Search Marketing for Attorneys in 2017

SEO Marketing Services: Organic, Local, Video & Social Media Marketing

Marketing for lawyers in 2017 is more competitive then it has ever been before, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still dominate your competitors if you take the proper steps.  It’s just like preparing for a big trial, you have to do everything possible before hand so that you have a great result when you finally do goto trial and throw down.

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Legal SEO marketing no longer means that your just going to be ranked #1 at Google for a keyword related to your practice.  Sure that still can happen and it’s a great thing but there is so much more these days that needs to be done other than basic organic SEO Marketing.  Even with organic search marketing, sure you would like to be on the first page for term like “Chicago Lawyers”, yet odds are that isn’t going to happen, and really what you want to happen is that your found for 100’s of different longtail keyword phrases, such as “personal injury auto accident lawyers” or “Locate a Chicago Illinois tax attorney”.

These are keyword phrases that will get less searches and have less competition at Google.  The only way to achieve this is by having a lot of high quality content on your legal site and blog.

Search Engine Optimization OR SEO for Lawyers is more important than ever for solo lawyers and bigger law firms alike.  These days when somebody is in need of a lawyer, the first thing they might do is consult the web, usually from their mobile device.  The yellow pages is dead, print ads are not what they used to be and consumers are skipping over TV ads with DVRs. So it is super key that law firms are able to reach clients and customers on the web.

Lawyer SEO marketing is one way to do this and in combination with a good Social Media strategy and high quality content, it can be done and can lead to new clients.   Yet you can’t just rely on having a good site and doing a couple of blog posts. You have to take a very proactive approach here and make sure things get done.  You have to make sure you create some high quality content and update your WordPress site and blog on a regular basis.

Below I have some information about each form of SEO marketing including Organic SEO, Local SEO, Video SEO and Social Media SEO. I then also have some SEO tips and tricks you can apply today to your legal practice.

What is ORGANIC SEO in 2017?

Lawyer Organic SEO is the OG of SEO and in 2017 it refers to the FREE listings at Google and other search engines that are usually below the paid listings.

These are the most coveted spots and everyone wants to have their website come up on the first page of Google for free. Yet it’s harder than it used to be, plus there are more paid ads and people search for a wider variety of keywords these days.  Another thing is that more people are starting at social media sites such as Facebook and never even doing a Google search.  Yet you still need to do everything you can to make sure your lawyer website is fully optimized for Google.

So while organic SEO for lawyers is still very important, there are a lot of other things to focus on these days.

Your competitors are already doing more and your site is falling behind, but no need to panic or sweat it, you just want to make sure that someone gets to it eventually. The sooner the better!

So the first thing to know is that there are a few different ways you can market your legal practice in 2017, no matter if you’re a solo lawyer just starting out, or a huge law firm with multiple locations.

Beyond Attorney Organic SEO, you want to make sure your lawyer site is setup for Google My Business and Local SEO. Videos are a total must these days and Video Search Marketing is becoming a bigger thing.  Social Media marketing is more popular than ever because everyone is on Facebook and it makes sense that your law firm should not only be on facebook but using it to promote your law practice to people looking right now for your legal services.

What is Local SEO for Lawyers in 2017?

Local SEO for Attorneys

Local SEO for law firms is a different animal than organic SEO, it’s more about how your legal site comes up in the local search results. Usually it’s a reference to the Google Local Business directory listings that come up when a user does a search of a local area or zipcode. The Google Map comes up along with 3 listings, otherwise known as the Google “3 Pack”, this has changed over the years and keeps going down. You want your law firm to be in these listings for your local city and zipcode.   

Visitors from your own city deliver high-quality traffic and leads to your law firm.  So you want to make sure for starters that your Google My Business is setup, verified and optimized.   Then there are a whole bunch of different business directories that you want to make sure your legal site is setup at.  Some are obvious like Yelp and AVVO, but there are 100’s of different possible sites that your site might already be setup at. YET the key with Local SEO is consistency and you want to make sure that your law firms NAP (Name, Address and Phone #) are all coming up the same at the different directories. This means the exact same spelling, same phone #’s and everything else. If you have older office locations still coming up, then you might have a more difficult time with Local SEO.

You want to get “Citations” of your firms contact info.  Citations are mentions of your law firm with your contact info at different sites and directories.  The more citations you have at high quality sites, the better your Local SEO results will be.   Getting citations from local area businesses can make a big difference in your Lawyer Local SEO campaign.

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay per click or PPC Marketing is a reference to paid advertising done at Google Adwords program, Facebooks advertising program and many other sites that offer paid advertising.  Usually it’s a you pay every time someone clicks on your sites advertisement and visits your website.  Other times you can pay just for showing an impression of your ad, or you can also do Facebooks ads and set specific demographics so that your ads only show up to certain people in certain locations.


PPC Marketing for Lawyers can get very expensive, so it makes sense to look at all of your options before spending a huge amount at Google adwords.  Sometimes it makes more sense to do campaigns at Facebook and LinkedIn, or even a YouTube video campaign.

Usually you want to test different campaigns and track the results to see what works best.  Sometimes when your first starting a site, it might be a good idea to invest a few hundred dollars in a PPC campaign just to get some traffic rolling into the site.  Its also a good idea to do PPC campaigns to test things out, you could run a campaign just on family law related keywords for 2 weeks or until your allotted budget runs out.  You would then monitor the traffic, calls and forms to see how well the campaign worked.

What is Lawyer Video SEO?

Video SEO is probably the least known version of Legal Internet Marketing.  It’s basically what it sounds like, your video coming up in the search results.  Yet it’s the search results of YouTube, Facebook, Google Video results and other video sites.   Just having a Video is a great thing for SEO in general but if you do additional things like setting up video on YouTube and optimizing the video listing, embedding video on other sites and doing a few other things with video syndication, you can get your video highly ranked, and in certain cases you can get the videos YouTube page to come up in the Google organic listings.

Video is becoming bigger year after year, and with mobile being such a big thing, video goes hand in hand with mobile. It’s easy to watch videos on a mobile phone, SO it makes sense that if you’re a lawyer, you want to get your message out via video.  Why? Because a client wants to SEE you and listen to you talk, so why not create a really good video and show off your expertise and instill confidence in the potential client.

Just that reason alone is enough for a Lawyer to want to at least put up one video.   Yet the better idea is to create a whole set of videos around the law firms practice and create a Lawyer Video SEO Campaign.

Having attorneys talk about personal injury, DUI, criminal law, etc can make a huge impact.    Attorney Videos can also make people stay on your site longer, which is a big factor with Google in your law firm organic SEO rankings.

Videos are a form of Unique Content

Videos are just like new fresh unique content. Even if you just create a 20-30 second video, that’s a new blog post of something unique, and then you can easily type out the content around the video.  Then the video can be put in your blog post, it can be used at Facebook and other social media sites and you can also run a video paid advertising campaign using the video.   One video can make a big difference, so why not create 10 as part of your new Legal SEO Marketing campaign in 2017?

What is Attorney Social Media SEO?

Social Media has just exploded and Facebook is a huge source of potential traffic.  You can get free or organic traffic from Facebook by doing posts or you can also do Facebook paid ads and promote your different posts on facebook.  Optimizing your social media profiles is key and you want to make sure you fill everything out and making sure you link to your legal website.

There are a lot of different social media sites and it makes sense to setup as many top profiles as you can manage. You do NOT want to setup a profile and then never update it.  This is different than say claiming your law firms listing at Yelp. That’s a one time thing, but if you setup a twitter account, and then have like 3 years between tweets, it just looks bad. So you want to setup accounts and then also apply some sort of automation that will help update your social media sites.

Its possible to tie your Blog to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and have them update automatically anytime you do a blog post.   You can also setup RSS feeds that will post to your accounts on regular basis in order to make your accounts alive and not just dead accounts.

Yet the bottom line is that you MUST create high QUALITY content and you want to make sure you update your social media accounts and share your content. Hopefully you will get some social signals and get people to view your videos, like your facebook posts, retweet your tweets, repin your Pins at Pinterest and everything else that goes with social media marketing!

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*** Latest Blog Post: 11 Top Lawyer SEO Tips for 2017…..

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