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December 19, 2016
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December 24, 2016
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Press Release Best Practices

Press Releases for Lawyers – Best Practices on Writing Press Release

Lawyer Press Releases – Best Practices

  • Write a catchy, interesting and keyword- focused headline.

  • Make the intro/opening engaging.

  • Write in laymen’s language. Avoid superlatives, jargon and excessive mentions of a brand name.

  • Make the release useable, word for word, if cut after the second paragraph.

  • Keep most paragraphs to below 30 words and the length no more than 650 words max.

  • Spell check and then read your news release aloud. Any typos or grammatical errors will ultimately lead to your news being discarded and can tarnish your reputation.

  • Repress the urge to use fancy fonts, colors, font styles and other text attributes in your news release. You’ll come off as an amateur.

  • Include relevant links for background information. Make it easy for journalists and news consumers to conduct further research.

  • Make it easy to share; include all your social networks.

  • Send only news releases that contain news!

Press releases represent a great way to engage in inbound marketing. No longer do you have to rely on a constantly churning media list to secure coverage and visibility. Today, your press release has thousands of opportunities to make a lasting impression online.

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Content is the key these days, AS IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN. Its important that you have a lot of unique content created if you want any chance of being found on the search engines or having social media success.  You need to have content in order to fill in your blogs and do social media posts. The more unique content you have, the better and this means videos as well.


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