Moving Your Lawyer Site Away from FindLaw

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April 13, 2017
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Moving Your Lawyer Site Away from FindLaw

How Do You Move Your Legal Website away from Findlaw?

Ive had a number of lawyers tell me that they felt locked in to Findlaw and didn’t have  the slightest idea on how move their site to a new webhost.  I heard of one lawyer who said once he did cancel his contract and had to move his site, he found out it was a very difficult process that he had no idea on how to do.  They made it super difficult and you basically have to start over, yet I found out that is the best idea!

I have come up with a Super Easy Process for Moving your Lawyer Site to a much better webhost which is faster, more secure and setup for SEO. Its a total no brainer because of the simple fact your going to save HUGE Money bottom line.

Benefits of Moving Your Lawyer away from  Findlaw

I had a law firm contact me a couple of months back and they told me that the findlaw contract was expiring in a couple of months and they wanted to move the site and start over with a brand new site.    So I did some research and could tell there is a lot of lawyers who have had bad experiences with Findlaw and also who felt they paid a LOT of money for not that much in return.    So thats another post for another time but this post is about HOW you can move your lawyer site and WHY you should do it.

So the benefits of moving are MANY.  For one when I was reviewing the current site for this new client, I ran a Google Speed test and could see that the page was loading pretty slow, even though there weren’t many heavy graphics and it got a 33 out of 100 score at Google.   So once I moved the site to the new webhost, it got an 83 out of 100.  SO better Web Hosting and Faster Site Speed is a great benefit but there are many others starting with fact that with Findlaw, you don’t own the site, just some of the content. Its better when YOU the lawyer, own your own site.

Then being able to easily make updates to your site and blog is always good and the list goes on and its a no brainer when you consider the MAIN REASON to Move your site is to SAVE BIG MONEY!

Here are some other benefits of moving your site ASAP.

#1- YOU Will have TOTAL Control of your legal site and own it all.

#2-  I will setup your domain on the BEST Possible web hosting for WordPress Sites, which will give you better Speed and Security of your site, which in turn is better for organic SEO.

#3- I will setup WordPress CMS software, which will make it very easy for you and anyone at firm to login and make updates to the website and blog.

#4- You will have a SSL Security Certificate, so that your URL is  This is better for SEO and client confidence.  I will also setup Google analytics website stats for your site, which for some reason was NOT setup with Findlaw.

#5- New Legal Web Design that is better optimized for SEO and Local SEO.  Creations of New logo, Legal Graphics, Videos, Infographics and more.

There are a number of other benefits but these alone make it a total no brainer that you should move your Lawyer site away from findlaw.  You can save money, 50% of what your paying now or more. Then also you will own your website. You will have a way better web hosting setup and a brand new website that is setup with SEO in mind all the way.


Organic SEO Marketing Focus

The one thing that the law firm wanted  to make sure of was that we would maintain the current organic SEO rankings.  So for sure with Findlaw, they did get some organic SEO rankings at Google and for example were ranked #9 for a bankruptcy term and a number of other terms.  SO the first thing we did here after setting up new site, was to setup 301 redirects so that all the pages they had before, were forwarded to the new pages we setup.

Bottom line is that within the first week of us launching the new site on April 1st, almost all of the organic SEO rankings have improved and the #9 ranking they had for bankruptcy term shot up to #2. This is the same term firm is paying over $12 per click for.    Plus they got a whole bunch of new rankings they didnt currently have and this is after one week!

So there are obviously a number of benefits here on top of saving a lot of money, since Findlaw is known as one of the more expensive SEO marketing programs for lawyers.   Not only are they pricey, but the sites arent setup that great for SEO, the sites are really slow according to Googles page speed tool, they dont have SSL security certificates and they were not setup in WordPress.

So I will do further posts here about the different benefits in more detail, and also more detail about how I have moved other lawyer sites from findlaw very easily. I will also post a case study on exactly how I moved the latest law firm and the savings the firm will achieve.

Want to Move Your Lawyer Site?

Lets us help you move your lawyer site to a brand new webhost, where you will have total ownership and control over everything.  We will also help you get better organic, Local and Video SEO Rankings. Contact us today for a FREE no obligation proposal.

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