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May 31, 2012
7 Reasons You Must Mobilize Your Lawyer Website Today
August 7, 2012
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Mobile PPC Google AdWords Campaign

Having a mobile friendly version of your lawyer site is a must these days.  Then promoting it with Google adwords on mobile devices is a good idea.

Start creating mobile-only campaigns with AdWords

Once you have created a mobile-friendly site, it is important to promote it and create awareness for it. You can do this by creating mobile-only ad campaigns in AdWords. Businesses that create mobile-specific campaigns typically experience better performance from their mobile ads. This usually happens because separate mobile ad campaigns allow advertisers greater control over the following aspects of their campaigns: bids, budget, keywords and ad creative. Watch video.

Promote Your Business with Mobile Ads

A mobile-friendly site, combined with a mobile-only campaign using Google Mobile Ads will help you grow online sales, send more customers to your store or build your brand – all with amazing new formats. Watchvideo.

Preview your ads before launching

The Mobile Ads Preview Tool is a handy way to check how your ads appear on Google without accumulating additional impressions or clicks. Use the device setting to view and diagnose your ads for mobile devices with full internet browsers.

Build a better keyword list to target mobile users

With the AdWords Mobile Keyword Tool , you can now search for keywords that users input into mobile devices with full internet browsers (think iPhone and Android phones) and also phones with WAP browsers.

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