Why Having a Microsite Can be a Great Idea

Lawfirm Micro Site Example – Bankruptcy Legal Site
August 10, 2017
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August 28, 2017
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Why Having a Microsite Can be a Great Idea

Marketing for Lawyers – Microsite Strategy

Having a microsite or a 2nd site for your law firm practice can make a lot of sense if done right.   If you have a very important practice area, you cant really focus on it as much as it deserves when you have a general law firm site. Sometimes it makes sense for the practice area to have its own home.  That way you can have your own site, where you create your own blog posts and use the site as a marketing tool via Organic SEO, Local SEO and Paid Marketing tactics.

This is what Ive done on this most recent micro site creation for a Bankruptcy Attorney in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.   We created the new site and got it listed with the Google organic listings within a few weeks. Then after a month we got it verified in Google for a business listing and optimized that listing by creating citations and directory listings.   The site is also used for Paid Marketing plan using Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook.

Reviews from Clients Strategy

Getting reviews from clients can be a real challenge and you need to put in a lot of effort usually to get it done.  Yet you want to get at least 5 reviews at Google, hopefully all 5 stars.   This can make a big difference when a potential client sees your Google listing and it has 5 stars lit up.

Why this is a great example of a Lawfirm Micro site…..
and why lawyers who focus on niche areas within firm could benefit from their own site.

#1- Got a great keyword rich domain name for the Bankruptcy micro site – https://poconosbankruptcy.com

#2- Setup micro site with top web hosting account & an SSL Security certificate so site starts with HttpS://

This sets a good foundation for the site. Just because its a micro or secondary site, doesn’t mean it should be setup with cheap webhosting. You want to make sure you have TOP of the line webhosting that is secure and super fast.

#3- Setup site with unique content in form of Bankruptcy FAQs, Infographics, Images, Videos and more.

#4- Got site setup with Google Webmaster tools and recognized almost a week after launch.  Had organic SEO results within first two weeks.

#5 – Got site listed and verified with Google my Business for the attorney. Setup new listing and optimized.

This is SUPER key and a real difference maker. In the past it was near impossible to get more then one Google local listing for a law firm that had only one office location.   Yet I proved here it can be done and you could technically get 3,4, 10 or more of your lawyers listed with unique listings like this.

#6- Setup multiple citations and links to site and got site listed in the Google 3 pack for multiple keywords as you see below.

#7- Setup A Reviews Page and Solution to get New Client Reviews

I setup a main Reviews page here and then added all the individual reviews from different sources such as AVVO, Lawyers.com, Google and Facebook. Then I also added a way for people to leave Reviews for attorney at Google and other locations.  Usually leaving a review at Google can be a tedious task to setup and usually it doesn’t work perfectly. Yet we have setup the link so that as soon as client clicks on it, it will open open the Google my business page and then the review section.

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