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January 17, 2017
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January 22, 2017
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Legal Content Marketing

Content Marketing for Lawyers

Legal SEO Content Services

SEO Marketing for Lawyers will NOT work without CONTENT. Not just any content either, you can not cut and paste from sites or take generic info that everyone else is using.  You need to have someone write your content and make it unique to your firm and you need to create other forms of content.

Images, Infographics and Videos are all great things to create for your site for many different reasons.  You can have one great custom image created, and do a post around that on a legal subject.  You can create a video with a lawyer talking for 30 seconds and do a great blog post around that. Then that one video can not only be used on your site and facebook, but you can share it on many other top video sites including YouTube.

The bottom line is that content marketing for lawyers means that your creating Fresh Unique content around your main lawyer practice areas, and then promoting it in various ways.  The more content you can create around your law firms practice areas, the more success online you will have.


You need content for a lot of different things these days including your website, blog and social media sites.  Not to mention newsletters, micro sites, additional legal blogs and legal articles.   We can help your legal practice with creating content for your existing practice areas and website pages and also creating content on a regular basis for your law firm blogs and social media sites.

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