Lawyer Site Goes from 41/100 with Findlaw to 86/100 Once Moved

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April 15, 2017
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July 10, 2017
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Lawyer Site Goes from 41/100 with Findlaw to 86/100 Once Moved

Should You Move Your Lawyer Site from Findlaw?

For one law firm, moving Site from FINDLAW to new Web Hosting has increased sites Pagescore from Google from 41/100 to 86/100.

I was hired to create a new website for a Law firm that had its Findlaw contract expiring at end of March.  So I had to basically start from scratch and had to setup new website hosting, setup wordpress, create a new site, logo, etc.   So the first thing I did was run some organic SEO Ranking reports and also the Google PageSpeed test to see how fast the current site was.  To my surprise it was pretty slow loading, even though it didnt have any kind of sliders, big images or anything that would indicate it would not load fast.   YET as you can see on the graphic below, it got a 41/100 on the Google page speed test, this was sometime in February of this year, before we created new site.

SO After setting up the new website for the firm with top of the line webhosting with WP Engine, and then setting up a few different things to help the site load faster, the site got an 86/100 from Google.     This is a big improvement and the website hosting helps, as does having a CDN with the hosting that makes site load even faster.

Site Speed Can Help Organic SEO

Thats what they say and it does make sense that if your site loads quick, Google might give it a boost in the organic SEO Rankings.  Yet a lot of things have to come into play to rank well, though in this case, I do see a pretty nice size SEO boost almost right away after setting up new site.

The organic SEO Rankings for this site were decent and credit to Findlaw for that. Yet for example I do see a number of big jumps at Google for certain keywords going from #9 to #2 and Google picking up all the new pages from new WordPress site.

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