Example of How to Get Clients to Leave a Google Review (Video)

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October 10, 2017
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November 14, 2017
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Example of How to Get Clients to Leave a Google Review (Video)

Getting a Client to Leave a Google Review for your Law Firm

This is a video that shows an example legal website and how you would get a client to leave your law firm a review at Google.   The key is making the process simple.  So here its just a matter of getting the client to visit the site and the easiest way to do it is VIA TEXT Message. The client gets the text, clicks on the link, opens up the feedback form, then fills out the Google Review. Probably in under 2 minutes.          *** Get the current Lawyer Review Special today


We have a Lawyer Review System that makes getting 5 star reviews a much easier process.  You can simply send clients a link to your review page OR send them a text with a link to your reviews page.

STEP #1- You would send your client to your review page that has a simple form they would fill out including giving 1-5 stars.

—> You can send the client an email, or better yet you can use the SMS system to send the client a text message, and also have follow up messages automatically sent. 

STEP #2- Then if they leave a 5 star review, they are directed to a page which has a direct link to your Google My Business page and also has an instructional video on the page.         IF They leave less then a 5 star review, they are then redirected to a page that then apologizes for any problems they had.

STEP #3- The client then visits your Google my Business page and then reviews box will automatically open. So if they are logged in with their Google account, the review box will open up so they can simply leave the review.

STEP #4- The client will then be sent a thank your text message and/or email.  You can also request the client leave a review at Facebook or other review sites, as well as like your facebook page.

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