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A good Press Release can be a valuable part of the overall Legal Content Marketing strategy.   If you have a good piece of interesting news that warrants a press release, then no doubt it can provide great value to have a press release done. It will get you in front of a new audience


  • 92% of journalists use search engines to research stories and 81% of journalists use search engines daily (MarketingSherpa)

  • Blog readership, RSS feed subscriptions and social media sites are visited in record numbers

  • Journalists using Google News surpass usage of major networks, like MSNBC & CNN!

Before you write and issue a press release, ask “Is there news value in this story? And, “Does it warrant a release?”.    You dont want to just make something up or issue something to just to try and make an obvious marketing ploy.  It wont be accepted in most cases. 



You can create a press release for numerous reasons and if accepted, you will get your press release in front of a lot of media sites with a lot of potential for traffic and links.   If your story is really interesting, it could be picked up by other media sites, or shared by others via social media.

The end result could be a lot of links, and also citations of your contact info, that can help your overall Local SEO campaign.   I see a LOT of benefits of legal content marketing in general and press releases specifically.

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Reasons for a Law Firm to issue a Press Release:

  • New Practice Areas

  • Changes in corporate identity, such as a new company name or logo

  • New Website, Blog or Microsite Launches

  • Recent Settlements or Verdicts

  • Legal honors, such as bar association awards

  • Community and alumni recognition awards

  • Law Firm Mergers

  • Events (Legal speaking engagements, award ceremonies)

  • Corporate philanthropy (Volunteer work or donations)

  • New partners


What are the benefits of a press release?

One of the most obvious benefits of a press release is that it can generate a news story. Even a small mention in the media can extend the reach of your news. A press release can help clients, former classmates, and referring lawyers find you. A press release highlights your legal expertise, provides content for your website, and builds inbound links when distributed through a wire service.

Press releases represent a great way to engage in inbound marketing. No longer do you have to rely on a constantly churning media list to secure coverage and visibility. Today, your press release has thousands of opportunities to make a lasting impression online.

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Content is the key these days. Its important that you have a lot of unique content created if you want any chance of being found on the search engines or having social media success.  You need to have content in order to fill in your blogs and do social media posts. The more unique content you have, the better and this means videos as well.


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