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December 18, 2016
Press Release Best Practices
December 20, 2016
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Press Release Checklist

Content Marketing Services for Lawyers – Press Release Checklist

Creating a press release for your law firm can have a few different benefits including improving your sites organic and local SEO rankings.

The press release alone isnt going to zoom you to #1 for a tough keyword, but it will help in a few different ways.  For one, your press release will usually be submitted to numerous well established media sites that are highly ranked and trusted by Google.   The link itself can be a benefit, but you can also get a Citation from these highly trusted sites, which can help your Google Local SEO Rankings.

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P ress Release Marketing Checklist

  • Focus on creating a news story which will suit the publication and audience you are targeting.

  • Create an interesting headline which will encourage the journalist or editor to read the whole release.

    (Headlines are key for ALL Press Releases, but with some press release submissions, its more about getting the story submitted and approved online. Where some press releases are more for print vs. digital, old school days way!)

  • Include all the key points of the story in a brief opening paragraph.

  • Continue with additional paragraphs providing more information, in order of importance.

  • Keep the piece short, typically 300 words at most, using short sentences and paragraphs of 60 words at most.

  • Include your contact details in case further information is needed.

  • If necessary, add more detailed background information in a separate ‘note to editors’.

  • Write in the style of the publication, avoiding inappropriate jargon or overly technical language.

  • Consider including quotations to add color to the article.

  • Write ‘PRESS RELEASE’ across the top of the page and use a letterhead template if you have one.

  • Use double spaced lines and wide margins to make the text easy to edit.

  • If possible, include an interesting and relevant picture; check the publication’s requirements for print and what format you should use when sending it by email.

  • Check your spelling and any factual information.

  • Review whether the piece is interesting, in the right style, and could be cut at the end of any paragraph and published without further editing.

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Content is the key these days, AS IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN. Its important that you have a lot of unique content created if you want any chance of being found on the search engines or having social media success.  You need to have content in order to fill in your blogs and do social media posts. The more unique content you have, the better and this means videos as well.


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